400 Grams To Cups Conversion Chart

Have you ever felt the need to convert 400 grams to cups, but don’t want to use a calculator? Well, don’t be worried about it! In this blog post, we will show you how to convert between the two measurements easily.

What is 400 grams to cups? It depends on two things, the substance’s density as well as the capacity of the cup. 400g in cups of the same size is not the same for sugar and flour for example, because they have a different density ρ known as rho, which also varies with temperature and pressure conditions.

400 grams to cups conversion

If you have been looking for 400g to cup or if you have been asking yourself how much 400g in cups you are right here, too, of course. 🙂 We will also provide a 400 grams to cups conversion chart for common ingredients. So, whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or just trying to follow a recipe, read on for all the necessary information.


If you are cooking or baking, grams to cups conversion, especially 400 grams of white flour to cups, is extremely useful to have on hand. Now we do not need to worry about guessing the correct measurement of how many cups are in 400 grams – checkout the 400 g in cups conversion chart below to find out easily, not wasting your time.

If you are used to measuring ingredients with cups, this 400 grams to cups converter can help you achieve the best results in your cooking and baking. Use standard measuring cups to make American recipes; an ordinary disposable cup doesn’t work.

Finally, you need a couple of different types of cups:

  • measuring cup for dry ingredients;
  • liquid measuring cup with standard (cups and fluid ounces) and metric measurement markings for liquid ingredients.

Pay attention to the cup size you use: an Australian measuring cup differs from an American cup measurements and an imperial cup.

For example, a US cup equals 240 ml, a metric cup used to make Australian recipes is 250 ml, and an imperial cup equals 284 ml.

Using kitchen utensils to measure 400 grams in cups

Conversion of 400 grams to cups is an easy task that can be achieved with a just few household or kitchen items. First of all, you need to gather some items like a measuring cup and a kitchen scale. Then, measure out 400 grams of flour using the kitchen scale. Next, use the measuring cup to scoop the flour into a cup.

After putting the flour in the cup, level it off with a knife so that it is even at the top of the cup. Finally, repeat this process until all of the flour has been converted into cups. In our Convert grams to cups guide, we have told how to convert grams in cups with easy steps!

Easy math for converting 400 grams to cups

Converting grams to cups can be achieved with a little bit of math. To convert 400 grams to cups, divide the number of grams by 236. It will easily give you the number of cups. In this case, 400 divided by 236 equals 1.69, so there are 1.69 cups in 400 grams. It’s simple right?

While converting grams to cups, it’s important to keep in mind that different ingredients have different densities. For example, 200 grams of flour would not be equal to 200g of sugar.

As a result, it’s always best to consult a recipe when making conversions. However, by using a simple conversion formula, you can easily convert between grams and cups.

How many Cups is 400 Grams? Easy Steps

To understand how many cups is 400 grams we must first determine the capacity of the cup:

240 millilitres is the US legal cup which is used in nutrition labelling, 250 ml is the metric cup and the US customary cup equals ≈ 236.58 ml.

The Canadian cup is ≈ 227.3 ml, and the Imperial cup equals approximately 284.13 millilitres.

Check your recipe or cooking book for a hint about the cup calibration.

Next 400 grams equals how many cups we need to figure out the density to apply the formula V = m / ρ, V being the volume and m the mass.

If you are looking to convert 400 grams to cups, but don’t know the density of your material or substance you will likely find the information by means of a search engine.

You just make sure to get the unit right.

What is 400 grams to cups water?

How many cups is 400 grams of water? 400 grams of pure water is 1.69 cups. Or 1.69 cups of water is 400g.

What’s 400 grams in cups of water? There are many ways to convert 400g to cups, but one of the simplest is by using 1 2/3 cup as a substitute (for water).

With this method, all you need is an existing measuring cup. To convert grams to cups, divide the number of grams by 237. For example, 400 g divided by 237 equals 1 2/3 cups water. Easy peasy!

Checkout the below chart to convert 400 g liquid to cups:

Ingredient400 grams (g)
Buttermilk1.63 cups
Condensed milk, sweetened1.31 cups
Goat milk1.64 cups
Heavy cream1.73 cups
Water1.69 cups
Whipping cream1.68 cups
Whole milk1.65 cups

Gram to Cups Liquid FAQs

  • How much is 400 grams milk to cups? According to the above chart, 400g milk is 1.65 cups of whole milk. As Different types of milk have different densities, it is important to know what type of milk you will be using for your recipe before making the conversion. So, please refer to the chart or your cookbook first.

Nuts and seeds

How many cups is 400 grams of chia seeds? 400 grams of chia seeds is 2.46 cups.

Ingredient400 grams (g)
Almonds, whole2.8 cups
Brazil nuts, whole3 cups
Cashew nuts, whole2.8 cups
Chia seeds2.46 cups
Coconut, shredded4.3 cups
Flax seeds2.38 cups
Hazelnuts, whole2.9 cups
Hazelnut meal3.46 cups
Macadamia nuts, whole2.99 cups
Peanuts2.74 cups
Pecans, whole4.04 cups
Pecans chopped3.67 cups
Pistachios, whole3.25 cups
Poppy seeds2.84 cups
Walnuts, whole3.71 cups
Walnuts chopped3.42 cups

400 grams to cups of dry ingredients

In this topic, we are going to talk about how to convert 400 g to cups of dry ingredients like sugar, wheat, rice, flour, etc etc.

400 grams to cups flour

How many cups is 400 grams of flour? 400g of flour equals 3.2 cups. Or 3.2 cups of flour equals 400 g. Here is a conversion table for other types of flour.

Ingredient400 grams (g)
All-purpose flour3.2 cups
00 flour3.15 cups
Almond flour4.17 cups
Bread flour3.15 cups
Buckwheat flour3.33 cups
Cake flour4 cups
Chestnut flour4.44 cups
Coconut flour3.57 cups
Cornflour2.67 cups
Gluten-free flour3.28 cups
Pastry flour3.7 cups
Rye flour3.92 cups
Self-rising flour3.2 cups
Semolina flour2.4 cups
Tapioca flour2.46 cups
Whole wheat flour3.09 cups
400 grams to cups flour

400 grams to cups rice

How many cups is 400 grams of rice? 400 grams of Basmati rice is 2.05 cups. 400 grams of rice is equivalent to approximately 2.5 cups of rice. To convert 400 grams to cups, divide 400 by the number of grams in a cup. This will give you the number of cups in 400 grams. So, 400 grams of rice is equal to 2.5 cups.

Ingredient400 grams (g)
Basmati rice2.05 cups
Brown medium-grain rice2.11 cups
White long rice2.16 cups
White medium-grain rice2.05 cups
White short round rice2 cups
Wild rice2.5 cups
400 grams to cups rice

400 grams to cups sugar

How many cups is 400 grams of sugar? 400 grams of granulated sugar is 2 cups.

400 grams how many cups? 400 grams of sugar is equivalent to 2 cups. To convert 400 grams of sugar to cups, divide 400 by the number of grams in 1 cup of sugar. 1 cup of sugar is equivalent to 201.6 grams., so 400 divided by 201.6 equals approximately 2. Therefore, 400 grams of sugar is equal to 2 cups.

2 cups of sugar is about 400 grams.

Source: Twitter
Ingredient400 grams (g)
Brown sugar2 cups
Caster sugar1.78 cups
Granulated sugar2 cups
Icing sugar3.2 cups
Powdered sugar3.2 cups

400 grams to cups butter

How many cups is 400 grams of butter? 400 grams of butter is 1.76 cups.

When measuring out 400 grams of butter, it is important to use a food scale in order to be accurate. Once the 400 grams of butter has been measured out, it can be transferred to a measuring cup in order to properly measure the equivalent of 1 3/4 cups. For those who do not have a food scale, 400 grams of butter generally takes up about 1 3/4 of a cup.

Check the conversion chart below for more types of fats:

Ingredient400 grams (g)
Avocado oil1.86 cups
Butter1.76 cups
Coconut oil1.85 cups
Ghee1.81 cups
Grapeseed oil1.86 cups
Macadamia oil1.87 cups
Margarine1.84 cups
Sesame oil1.83 cups
Sunflower oil1.82 cups
Peanut oil1.8 cups
Peanut butter, creamy1.55 cups
Vegetable oil1.79 cups
Vegetable shortening2.09 cups
Virgin olive oil1.82 cups

More Conversions

Checkout below for more types of conversions


Whether you are a beginner baker or an experienced cook, the question of how many cups are 400 grams rises while making recipes. After you have understood this conversion, try out new recipes and share them with us.

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FAQs for converting 400g in cups

How can I measure 400 grams of flour without a scale?

To measure flour without a scale, follow these three easy steps:
Step One: Use a spoon or scoop to fluff the flour in your bag or jar.
Step Two: Scoop the flour into your measuring cup with a spoon until it’s full.
Step Three: Level off the top of the measuring cup with the flat end of a knife so that no flour is spilling over.

How many liters is 400 grams?

1 m3 = 103 litres, so 400 g of water occupies a volume of 4*10-4*103 litres = 0.4 litres.

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